What to Expect

Upon Arrival & During the Session

Meredith will greet you at the said meeting spot, most likely a park or beautiful outdoor location.  She is happy to come to your home or shoot indoors as well.  Please try to be on time, there is likely a session before or after you and other important commitments in Meredith or her family members’ lives.  Meredith is very understanding of young families, but please do your best!

If you already know each other you’ll chat for a bit.  She’s a social one.  If there are kids, (this IS IMPORTANT), they need to warm up to her again and so do you!  RELAX.  Remember, you are supposed to dread this, but walk away saying “That was so much fun!”

If you haven’t met before, than you will DEFINITELY need to chat.  Meredith will want the names of everyone (and ages of each child).  She may ask you details throughout the session to get to know you and your intricate personalities better!  She’ll want to know who got braces, who recently got glasses, who has a boo boo, who hates to have their picture taken and who doesn’t (although that’s usually very obvious and pretty much ALWAYS remedied by Meredith), and what kinds of pictures are your favorites (although try to refrain from pulling out Pinterest.  You don’t want to disturb Meredith’s own creativity).  Are you a candid momma like her, do you love the in between moments, do you want to see everyone’s faces and eyes when at all possible, or much like many of us… BOTH?

Feel free to let her know.

Meredith may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and half.  It just depends on the number of people.  She doesn’t stress about time, but does tend to get a lot done in a short amount of time.  She likes to move around locations and explore different spots, so plan to walk.  Newborn sessions average about an hour and half.


Don’t stress!  Go with complimenting colors and be comfortable!  No one wants a face that looks like they are in pain because they are cold or their feet hurt!  Wear what makes you feel attractive.  Have fun, be yourself.  AND, if your kid insists on a top hat, let them bring it for a few pics.  Let them get excited.

Getting the Images

In approximately two to four weeks you will receive an email from ML Photography stating that your photo gallery is complete with a link to view, download, and save your images!  If you purchased a CD it will be shipped at this time.


ML Photography