August 31, 2016

The BIG Wardrobe Question Answered!

Here goes…
My most frequently asked question:  “What should we wear!?”  *The stress.  The agony.*

After a client and I set a session date, I usually hear something like, “Ugh.  Now to pick out all of our outfits!”

If you have asked me this question you CAN NOT be embarrassed by this post because you are the norm!  If you are thinking, she is writing this because of me, you are wrong, I am writing this for so so so many of you.

What you wear does have a bearing on how good your photos turn out, but not always for the reasons you would think.  Here are MY photo shoot wardrobe guidelines.

1. You Need to Feel Good in Your Clothes
Do not choose an outfit because it’s “in”.  Choose something for YOU, for your body type, that you look in the mirror and feel not only that it flatters you, but that makes you feel pretty.  This goes for color too.  Pick a color that compliments your skin, eyes and hair.

2.  Dressy or casual?
My #1, also applies to how dressed up you are.  If you don’t feel like dressing up, don’t!  It’s not a big deal to be in jeans.  However, fancy can be JUST as great.  Wear what you are in the mood for and maybe do something you didn’t do the last time.  Shake it up a bit.  My family has always been super casual.  This year I may wear a dress.  I want my family photos to have variety over the years.

3. How do I begin?
If you are a mom, I always say “a family photo is only as good as the mom looks”.  I know you have a huge input in the images you display so it does not hurt to focus on yourself first, then your spouse if applicable, and finally your kids (I mean come on kids are kids.  They are typically cute no matter what they wear!).  This is just a suggestion!  I love dressing my kids and I am completely guilty of choosing their outfits first… however, sometimes I’m not happy with mine in the end.

4.  The Basics of “Coordinating”
If you are being photographed alone, you can skip this step and be done!  If not, keep reading.  Once your outfit is chosen, see if your family members, significant other, spouse, children… whatever the case might be… would look good in any of the same colors.  Then, coordinate colors!  You do not at all have to be wearing the same thing (i.e. everyone in jeans or polo shirts) or the same colors… but you should all be wearing colors that look good together.  I photographed my photographer’s family one summer and they all wore bright colors.   She wore a hot pink dress and her boys were wearing yellow, orange and blue and it looked fantastic.  Another extended family session chose the colors blue, hot pink, and yellow and it was amazing to see the variety work so well together.  (Both of these sessions are featured below.)

5.  Everyone Should be Comfortable.
Dress for the temperature as much as you can!  Wear less when it’s hot out and layer up in the Fall!  It gets pretty, but it also gets COLD people.  Don’t put your kids in those too tight shoes because they look good.  They may end up complaining through the entire session.  Make sure everyone’s clothes feel comfortable enough to last through a great session.  An uncomfortable person is much harder to photograph than a comfortable one!

Here’s some inspiration for you!   I find that my favorites include outfits with colors that are found in nature.   I love layers, accessories, and patterns!

The bambino’s plaid was PERFECT.
One person in plaid helps coordinate everyone!

I had to show this cutie in a poncho… and navy always works well.
Sunsets and yellows…. mmmmm


If you could see better you might notice the kids outfits were plucked from the pages of Mini Boden!
Not a bad way to coordinate!  Order from a catalogue/clothing line that does the job for you.


Gray can be tricky, but it worked well for them on this rustic wood platform and grayish sky.
I loved photographing this new family last year!
Not too matchy matchy and the little guy pops instead of getting lost in the crowd!


They’re just so stinking cute… really.  Stripes were big in 2014.


This photo is old, but it’s proof that even large groups can coordinate!


I love the browns and the pop of bright blue they all wore.
Don’t be afraid of deep reds and maroon in the Fall!  It’s timeless and always looks good.


My photog’s family I mentioned.. she was prego with her 4th here!  He’s 2 now!
Screams holiday card, doesn’t it?  A mom on a mission who nailed it.


I’ve often told this mom she’s one of the BEST with photo wardrobes!   Layers, great colors, comfortable and warm!

I sincerely hope this helps!  Happy Fall and happy sessions everyone!