August 18, 2017

School is Back in Session!

When I received an email this summer from Colin’s kindergarten teacher, and Maya’s previous kindergarten teacher, I thought for sure it was school related.  You can imagine my surprise when she said she wanted to schedule a newborn photo session with me.  I was floored, honored, excited… just to name a few emotions.

Parents can get “into” their kids teachers just like the students do.  When I was teacher I remember thinking, these kids make me feel like a celebrity!  Once, you’ve become a parent with school aged children, their teachers become like celebrities to YOU.  We just admire them and it’s fun to learn what they are up to outside of work!

They give so much to our kids, and yes, I know it’s a job, but many of these amazing people could do other jobs well, get paid more, and they don’t.  They are committed to teaching.  I have witnessed three incredible teachers at Cherry Tree Elementary so far that all go above and beyond just their “job”.







To bring this full circle, I was given the opportunity to hold one of my favorite “celebrities” newborn babies, giggle with her adorable toddler, and talk mom to mom with her, rather than parent to teacher, and finally feel like I was going to truly be able to show her my gratitude for all her hard work, by working hard for her.  Do you get it my initials feelings now?  The end result, Pure Joy!