May 17, 2016

Engagement Sessions

I really enjoy doing engagement/couples sessions!  Spread the word!!!  I’d love to do more.

This one couldn’t have been better.  My dear friend here is getting married this October.  Side note:  This was the FIRST time I met her fiance!  What better way to get to know him and their relationship than to photograph them together.  I’m a fan.  Thank goodness. 🙂

When she asked me which pictures were my favorite, I thought what better way to show her than with a blog post.

Here goes….

I like this initial high five action… so telling of their future… it’s like “We’ve got this.”  That comes in handy for parenting too!




Lots of kisses… I’m glad I made them… much to their discretion (at first ;).
I wouldn’t normally, but you can do that with good friends and I like all of these shots.


I loved the raised eyebrows below.
 If you know Kelly… this IS PERFECT (insert crying laughing emoji here)



my #1 favorite



STUD… and Kelly is cracking up


Goofing around


another favorite


 The coke bottle ones were a reenactment of pictures Kelly has of her grandparents.
Loved the idea.