January 13, 2017

Cherry Blossom Festival Silent Auction Winner

Every year my kids’ school has a festival put on by the PTO to raise money for the school.  Beginning a year before my daughter even went there I started donating a session to the silent auction or raffle.  Meeting new families at the school through this is always fun.  This family was the sweetest.  I worked with them over winter break and rather than groaning over working during a usually quiet time for me, I enjoyed it so much.  Lovely family that although my directions (like sit on the floor, or have your child sit on this bar stool) might have sounded strange, they went with it.  Plus, I love their smiles!
If you see a certificate for a session with ML Photography… you just might want to bid on it 😉  Money is well spent on family photos!  I’ve never ever regretted spending the money on a good session for my family.  I’ve only regretted not doing more 🙂