About Meredith

Meredith lives each day to the fullest. Whether it is a new project, an adventure, or entertaining loved ones, living life, is her pride and joy.  Her wonderful, but mostly funny husband, and her three wonderful, but mostly crazy kids are the focus of her life’s portrait.

You’ll likely find Meredith with paint in her hair, a cup of coffee in her hand, working out, trying to keep a home, most definitely chasing her children, and her head buried in her computer after they’re in bed at night.

Her business story…

To concentrate on a new chapter in her life, Meredith left her role as a teacher in 2009 and welcomed their first child.  Despite the love and joy of adding their second child in 2011, Meredith felt as though something was missing.  She decided to blend her love of working with children with her love of art and photography.  With her husband’s encouragement of utilizing her strengths and passions, she knew it was time to start ML Photography.

Meredith studied Photography at Indiana University in the days of film and dark rooms, but she has learned to embrace all aspects of digital photography and continues to develop her skills.

One of Meredith’s biggest strengths in this profession is her ability to work well with children of all ages.  It brings pure joy and fulfillment to her to work with all people through photography.

Meredith is passionate about documenting life through a lens.

The smiles, the cries, the missing teeth, the sideways glances, admiring faces, and gut laughter.  Let her capture the standard perfect portraits and the in between moments too.  Let her document your life’s chapters.